Kek-Kek Untuk Bulan Ogos 2010


Kek-Kek Untuk bln July2010

5 cakes marathon in 1 night.



Pink Cinderella Cake & Football Cake

Miniature Cake


Hantaran Cupcakes for Marlina


june 2010

My Creations During June 2010

Wedding Cupcake for Zuliana

These golden theme cupcakes were ordered by of my loyal customer and good old-buddy..they were sort of last minute first I refused to take it as I already planned to watch movie at night with my hubby..but Zu insisted me..kesian la pulakk..
Movie night -outing still proceed..balik terus buat kek..sampai pagi tak tidur langsung..huhu..after cleaning my messy kitchen n Zu dropped by to pick up the cakes..there came the reward time..dushh! terus tumbang tido smpi tak sedar happened that Marlina, also one of my old friend and future-neighbour dropped by but I was already 'pengsan' to wake up..sori Mar..
Anyway Zu..thx for being my loyal customer..
Cuppies for Hasmalia


Engagement Cake for 'org Masjid Tanah'

Ordered by Bibik Miah for Pak Ghaffar's niece/nephew's engagement at Masjid Tanah,Melaka. Inside was a buttercake covered with buttercream icing n roses..
Kek Spongebob & Friends

Bila Hasmalia order kek bertema spongebob & friends ni..rasa mcm suspen gak sbb tak pernah buat 'figurine cake' rasa seronok nak mencuba sesuatu yg baru tu membuatkan saya terima order ni.So..saya pun mencari di internet akan gambar2 character dlm kartun spongebob ni..maklumlaa,saya mmg tak berapa tahu kartun ni..krn anak2 semua perempuan dan semua minat kartun barbie dan princess selepas dpt gambar2 tersebut,saya printkan utk jadi guide semasa membuat figure nya nanti..oleh krn saya masih 'mentah' dlm teknik 'figurine'..saya pun melayari Youtube utk melihat tutorial bgmana membuat 'figurine' dari fondant..
Alhamdulillah..setelah siap..adala rupa character2 kartun dlm spongebon walaupun tak 'exactly the same'..
Rasa tak sabar nak deliver pd Hasmaliah..cuma sedihnyer bila smpi ke tgn tuannya..tgn spongebob dah patah..saya risau jugak takut smpi saja di majlis itu nanti..entah apalagi yg patah..
Esoknya..Hasmaliah bg positive feed back dan really thankful for making the birthday boy happy..dgrnya Chef Ismail yg terkenal tu yg manage the party dan siap 'gam' kan tgn spongebob yg patah menggunakan pulut kuning!Terharu gituu..

A Sweet Pinky Cake for a Newborn Girl

Cake yg sweet ni di order oleh Salehan..utk majlis cukur jambul anak buahnya..Salehan bg contoh gambar kek yg dia nak, so senang sikit kerja..juz follow the picture n adjust sikit2 bg lg meriah..Sampai sesat2 si Salehan nak smpi ke rumah..dah pukul 10 lebih br smpi..luckily bila dia tgk kek ni..nampak hilang penat sesat dia..Hope this cake was exactly what she wanted and made the event for her niece was more meaningful..Thx Salehan for ordering n nanti bila nak kawin, order kek kawin ngan akak ehh..
Cupcakes for Nurul Bahar

Nurul Bahar, my ex-classmate masa di Sains Muar order cupcake ni utk bosnya..Nurul kata my buttercream was a bit too sweet for her..but her japanese boss bedal 4 ketul sekali gus..jgn bos dia kena diabetic pastu sudahla..sorry Nurul maybe i was a bit generous on that day smpi terlebih curah icing sugar..haha..anyway,I m glad that through my cake business,I got the chance of meeting old friends who ordered cakes frm me..
Birthday Cake for Ida

This cake was ordered by Lan for his lovely wife, Ida..Actually I was not well these few days and I even have to cancel my cake class due to my fever..and Lan ordered this cake a few days before I still have to do this cake for him..thinking of how meaningful this cake will be for Ida..saya kuatkan semangat utk buat yg terbaik..nasib baikla dpt pinjam bibik my sister to help me manage the house chores while i concerntrate on this cake..

Nak citer sket..actually myself and Lan..we have been good friends since ages..I first know him when I was working in a small architectural firm in Subang Jaya..he was a 'sempoi' guy..selalu dtg lambat n he liked making silly jokes which entertained me a lot..since that firm was full with 'makcik2x' which their main topic did not match with our age at that time..after that, due to some 'havoc' to my personal life..I moved out to another firm..Omarsham. And soon after that..Lan joined me..There, we had the greatest time working with other colligues..but yg paling close were myself, Lan & Aizam..we were like 'adik beradik' n I m glad until now, walaupun masing2 dah kawin tp we still keep in touch together bcos there are so many unforgettable memories in Omarsham which we shall never forget..

I m glad that Lan has married a good hearted person like Ida for Lan himself as i always known is a very good hearted friend..So for this cake..I wanted to do something that represent Lan's feelings for Ida..really hope that Ida will love this cake..
Cupcakes for Teacher's Day..ordered by Zuliana &Dina

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