My 1st Class & My 1st Student...

Salam semua..pertama2 kali,saya nak ucapkan terima kasih sangat2 pd semua kwn2 dan keluarga yang memberi sokongan dan galakan pd blog saya yg baru jer diuar2kan..alhamdulillah..hopefully,segala usaha saya dlm bidang kek ni tidak terhenti di tgh jalan ataupun plg tepat,hanya hangat2 tahi ayam..Doakan saya lebih cekal,lebih produktif dan lebih kreatif selepas ini.So,cerita terkini,saya baru jer memulakan sesi pertama kelas untuk Buttercream deco dgn student saya yg pertama..Ayu.

Pd mulanya saya tidak begitu konfiden untuk mengajar sesiapapun lagi memandangkan ilmu saya dlm bidang kek ni masih hijau..Tetapi Ayu,seorang kawan yg saya kenal semasa menghadiri kelas wedding cake bersama Kak Jun tetap memujuk saya utk berkongsi sedikit ilmu yg saya ada. Memandangkan dia beriya2 mahu belajar,akhirnya saya setuju dan kiranya ini sebagai percubaan utk saya sebagai pengajar..Alhamdulillah, nampaknya Ayu berpuas dgn kelas yg informal ini.Dengan itu,InsyaAllah..saya merancang utk menganjurkan kelas dalam sedikit masa lagi dan saya akan update tentang perkara ini di blog ini nanti.

Pd Ayu..tq percaya pd Akak..akak mmg enjoyla mengajar Ayu sbb kita sama2 suka sembang n suka gelak..lgpun Ayu byk gosip2 sensasi yg sudi dikongsi bersama kerana bidang kerjanya yg berkaitan dgn dunia hiburan..So,lepas ni kita buat sesi terjah la pulak ya..
Primrose Flower B'day Cake

Ida ordered this cake on behalf of her friend.She told me that her friend wanted something romantic for her anniversary. Something that has pink colour combination.Ok..when a customer already stated their own's easier for me..less thinking..but sometimes it's even harder when they required something complicated. But for this cake,personally I enjoyed doing it as it was my favourite theme..romantic meaning I can use soft,sweet,pastel colours..meaning I can do flowers as many as I want..

I m glad that many of my friends love this design..mesti sumer tu golongan romantik
Now I realised, the cake will be more impressive when we play with colour tones.It gives some depths to the surface.

Wedding Cake Class with Kak Jun.

To all bakers and cake bloggers out there..surely Kak Jun is a familiar name to us rite..Kak Jun's blog,cupcakekasih is surely one of the hottest blog among us..I ve been adoring her works so much..she's really extraordinary talented cake designer..If only I can be as good as she is..

Memang dah lama mengidam nak masuk kelas Kak Jun ni..I heard that it's quite diffilcult to get a place as ramai yg apply..I try nak masuk kelas kek Designer's handbag tp tak last dpt jugak tp utk Wedding Cake class..mmg excited sbb nak sgt berjumpa dgn kakak sorang yg kreatif teramat all my friends out there..if u get to see her works..u ll be so impress as all are so breathtaking beautiful!

Ok..back to the cake story,I attended the class with another 2 ladies..Kak Ita n Ayu..Kak Ita is actually the owner of Ita's Delight..yg buat biskut tu..kira token sifu biskut la ni..She's also an expert of kueh2 melayu like kueh talam n so on..Ayu pulak..she is a programme editor at RTM..minat nak mendalami bidang buat kek ni..She amused us with the hot gossip among our local her working environment selalu bergaul dgn artis2 ni..

Walau masing2 tak pernah kenal tp kami cepat jer kelas ni mmg exciting sbb Kak Ita n Kak Jun suka bercerita n myself n Ayu tukang gelak..we had learnt so many new things,useful tips and advice frm Kak Jun..n we had a great laugh too..Kak Ita mmg pandai bercerita dan berkongsi pengalaman hidupnya dgn kita org..
As for me..I was kind of worried because right after the class,I ll have to prepare 1 hantaran wedding cake for Zuliana the next day..I ve baked the cake but yet need to be decorated..but  seeing the cake that I ve done during this lesson was quite ok,so I decided to substitute it as the wedding cake she ordered..
At last,I know how to do stack cakes in a proper way,enhance my skill on rolling fondant and mostly,I know how to make gumpaste n do gumpaste roses!Thank you Kak Jun for the precious tips and techniques..

Pak Aji & Mak Aji's Cake..

When Zaimie (my biras) ordered this cake..he said he wanted a doll cake but 2 'lelaki' n one 'perempuan'..alamakk...mcm mana nak buat ni..for 'perempuan',  i can imagine using the Princess doll's cake technique but for the 'lelaki'?How??

So..after searching through googles n browsing photos at flickrs that shown figurine cakes, I plan to make both 'lelaki' & 'perempuan' doll with fondant..with some clues of the couple described by Zaimie -young,medium size and islamic..I  played around with the fondant to build the characters into figures..

Dr mlm smpi ke larut malam smpi ke pagi..akhirnya siap 2 manusia kat atas kek..I was quite confused whether they look ok or not ok..mata dah penat campur blur2 i couldn't make a good judgement..

So I woke up my hubby to have a look at the figures and make comment..dia dgn mata separuh bukak terus pegi dapur tgk kek..n he straight away laughed out loud to see those 2 figures..Kah3x!Hearing that..I straight away realised that the 2 figures looked so weird,so funny and so 'cacat'! Ish3x..I myself laughed like hell..especially seeing their hubby ckp mcm sakit untut jer..hahaha..

Ok..gelak,gelak jugak but what shud I do now..dah pagi ni..tak tido, I suddenly remembered that I still have one more 'perempuan' doll that meant to be used for Doll's quickly I took away those 2 'morons' on the cake. I made the leg and the waist from fondant and put the Doll's body on top..dress her up and made the scarf.Ok selesai 1 problem..Now..what happen to the 'male' doll?

The same thing.. I made up the legs and the waist..and wait for my hubby to go n buy a male doll..luckily, he managed to get one. I asked him to chop away the legs..(mmg kejam)..n I put the remaining body on top of the fondant legs that I ve made earlier..dress up the male doll with baju cekak musang n pakai ketayap! Siap pakai spek lg Pak Aji ketayap ni mcm rupa topi baretta pun ada!Tak kesah laa..

Pheww!! Thank God at last I made it...walaupun masih nampak cacat kakinya...

Garden Theme Choc Moist Cake for Nisa

Ordered by Nisa, my hubby's cousin for her own b'day to celebrate with her friends at Uitm Puncak Alam. I dont know why but at that time..I was so 'malas' and felt like a big stone on my back pushing me down and I was like..arggh,I have to start moving now or I ll be like hell the next tak jugak gerak2..ended up..I baked this cake in the afternoon..let it cool for 2 hours and started the decoration right away..luckily Nisa called and said she ll be collecting the cake after sempatla buat the mushrooms,ladybirds,butterflies and flowers..let them harden for a while before placing them on the green-green grass..and I am glad that Nisa love it!
Romantic Pink Love Cake

This cake was orderd by Etihaad pilot..for his wife,Hazlyen.He said juz do something that is pink with,I juz think of something sweet.simple but yet attractive..and here it is..after passing the cake,I texted Hazlyen to find out whether she's ok with it..n she m grateful  n alhamdulillah.
Edible Image Ben 10 Cake

This Chocolate Moist Cake with buttercream topping n Ben 10 edible image was ordered by Aya,my old friend's friend and is actually my neighbour.Ordered this cake for her son's birthday and previously she has ordered 2 cakes from me.Thank you for being a supportive customer, Aya.

Muslimah Doll Cakes

This was a special request Cake,requested by old friend of mine..I never thought of doing Doll Cake with tudung until Zu popped me with the idea..She said if I manage to do it, maybe it will become a new trend..Well,as I said I like to challenge took me 2 days to do it and when it was finish..all I can think of..what look will be on Zuliana's face when she see this cake..

When I passed this cake to turned out that she and I were more excited on other thing and that was..we met each other again after 23years!We were in the same class during Form 2(1987)at SM Convent Taiping..that was before I moved to Labis,Johor.We never contact each other after that and through Facebook,we got in touch back and through my cake business,I met her again..infact not only her but a few other old friends..thanks to Facebook and thanks to my cake business  for being the medium of my reunions with old friends..

Ok,back to this cake story..Zu sms me later when she reached home with the sounded that she n everybody was so impresses with the cake..they had a great party and all Zu can say about my cake was..WORLD!Haha..marah Mawi aku ambek tagline dia..Well, Zu..thanks for the compliment but it is still a longgg wayy yet to reach that kind of level..kalau dah sampai tahap WORLD..mau botak mcm Mawi jugak kot..haha..

But thanks Zu for giving me the opportunity to try something new..
More Doll Cakes for the Little Princesses..

Bila memikirkan kek apa yg paling sesuai utk si gadis kecil yg comel, tentula dlm kepala kita terus membayangkan..kek yg fancy,colourful,sweet dan mampu membuatkan si kecil tersenyum gembira..well,what else can we think of other than the pretty Doll/Princess Cake..this kind of cake is quite in demand now, and here are some of my artwork in this particular thing..
Pinky Doll Cake

I love doing doll me,it's a fun thing to decorate the skirt n get the doll to dress's like playing the dress up game during your childhood days..besides I have 3 dotters who are so possess with princess,barbie they are the ones that were over excited watching me doing the decoration on the doll..the 'oohs' and 'aahhss' from them just motivate me!

It was my lovely Aleesa's 5th b'day..Of course I want her to have the best Doll Cake ever..n most important,it was baked by her own Mom..

It happened that her school was organizing class party n everybody was asked to bring food n wear their most fav kena sgtla dgn nak sambut b'day ni..

All her girlfriends were so excited to see the cake..kerumun habes but for the boys..they were kind of turn off..ramai yg taknak makan kek princess..hilang macho kot..well,kecik2 dah pandai kontrol macho!Anyway,I m sure Aleesa had a great time n great party..luv u so much dear!
Romantic B'day Cake for a Romantic Couple.

My hubby's friend,Fairoz@Maon ordered this cake for his loving wife,Mona..mmg romantik couple berdua ni..Fairoz wanted me to do a heart shape cake in pink colour..since I ve always wanted to do a cake which has a romantic touch,so this is it..

When I gave this cake to Mona..she didn't open the box as she was rushing back to her office..but 10 mins later, she called me n was overjoyed with her b'day cake..I m glad for that..
A Cup Of Cake


Red Polkaot Birthday Cake for Nadia
Nadia's hubby,Faizal ordered for a very red cake with white polkadots for her newly wed wife,Nadia.At first,I wasn't so sure of producing very red icing as it's hard to get that colour..but thinking of how nice the cake will turn up with such a bold colour,I tried n manage at last..and this is one of my favourite design so far.

Cake Raya...

Garden Theme Buttercake for Alia

Garden Theme Buttercake with Buttercream Topping n Fondant Flowers for Alia's speech n drama class party

Choc Moist Cake for Noridah                                    
Choc Moist Cake ordered by Aya  
Butter Orange Cake for Aizam

Choc Moist Cake for Rahman's son

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