Birthday Cake for Ida

This cake was ordered by Lan for his lovely wife, Ida..Actually I was not well these few days and I even have to cancel my cake class due to my fever..and Lan ordered this cake a few days before I still have to do this cake for him..thinking of how meaningful this cake will be for Ida..saya kuatkan semangat utk buat yg terbaik..nasib baikla dpt pinjam bibik my sister to help me manage the house chores while i concerntrate on this cake..

Nak citer sket..actually myself and Lan..we have been good friends since ages..I first know him when I was working in a small architectural firm in Subang Jaya..he was a 'sempoi' guy..selalu dtg lambat n he liked making silly jokes which entertained me a lot..since that firm was full with 'makcik2x' which their main topic did not match with our age at that time..after that, due to some 'havoc' to my personal life..I moved out to another firm..Omarsham. And soon after that..Lan joined me..There, we had the greatest time working with other colligues..but yg paling close were myself, Lan & Aizam..we were like 'adik beradik' n I m glad until now, walaupun masing2 dah kawin tp we still keep in touch together bcos there are so many unforgettable memories in Omarsham which we shall never forget..

I m glad that Lan has married a good hearted person like Ida for Lan himself as i always known is a very good hearted friend..So for this cake..I wanted to do something that represent Lan's feelings for Ida..really hope that Ida will love this cake..
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