Cupcakes for Ejan's Mom

Salam semua..ptg semalam, I ve got a call from a long lost friend, Hasmarezan.Thx to FB for after many years of not seeing and keeping in touch with each other, we manage to meet again..Hasmarezan or better known as Ejan..she was my dorm mate masa di sains Muar dulu..we shared the same double decker bed..Ejan yg saya kenali adalah seorg yg sgt disenangi and easy-going person..with her 'selamba' character, mmg senang nak berkwn dgn dia..That's why walaupun dah bertahun2 tak we can still borak2 mcm dulu..and one thing for sure..she's still sweet and cute as before..cuma freckles makin bertambah..ko ni ada mix mat saleh ke Jan?

So, she ordered these cupcakes for her beloved Mom's birthday..mmg last minute punya order tp luckily I was free and managed to get it done on time..For the theme..she left it to me to decide as long as it's pastel colours..So, I ve always wanted to do this kind of colour..cyan blue combine with white and pink..ada 'English Look' here it goes..hope Ejan's Mom like it..


ejan said...

heheheheheehh just read this ena...freckles haa...penat aku tenyeh..ilang la sikit.anyway ur cuppies mmg ceddaapp..semua enjoy it. tq girl!

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