Cupcakes For Marlina

Cupcake ni diorder oleh Marlina,  kwn sekolah rendah semasa di Convent Kota Taiping..tak sangka kami dpt berjumpa kembali selepas 25thn..mmgla sejak wujudnya fenomena Facebook ni, ramai yang dapat berjumpa kembali dgn kwn2 lama semasa kecil,semasa zaman sekolah rendah dan menengah..not to mention of meeting back 'pakwe2 lama' me, in a way it brings benefits to my cake business..byk jugakla kwn2 lama yg order cake dari saya..selain dpt mengembangkan bisnes,dapat bertemu kembali dgn kawan-kawan lama bila mereka2 ni menempah kek dari saya.
Mcm Marlina ni..we were not so close masa sekolah dulu2..but I remember her well for she was one of the 'glamour' girl in school..But after 25years, we met back during our small reunion..together with some other old friends.From there..she told me that apart from being a lecturer in UIA..she's interested in baking maybe one day we can get together again doing some baking things with Atun n Norli..depa ni nak jadi tukang makan n tukang riuh jer..
So,recently..she ordered some cuppies for her aunty housewarming..about the theme n design,she left it to after browsing through internet for some reference..I wanted to try the combination  of green and pink colours with a little bit of white touch..Hope she likes them!


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