Pak Aji & Mak Aji's Cake..

When Zaimie (my biras) ordered this cake..he said he wanted a doll cake but 2 'lelaki' n one 'perempuan'..alamakk...mcm mana nak buat ni..for 'perempuan',  i can imagine using the Princess doll's cake technique but for the 'lelaki'?How??

So..after searching through googles n browsing photos at flickrs that shown figurine cakes, I plan to make both 'lelaki' & 'perempuan' doll with fondant..with some clues of the couple described by Zaimie -young,medium size and islamic..I  played around with the fondant to build the characters into figures..

Dr mlm smpi ke larut malam smpi ke pagi..akhirnya siap 2 manusia kat atas kek..I was quite confused whether they look ok or not ok..mata dah penat campur blur2 i couldn't make a good judgement..

So I woke up my hubby to have a look at the figures and make comment..dia dgn mata separuh bukak terus pegi dapur tgk kek..n he straight away laughed out loud to see those 2 figures..Kah3x!Hearing that..I straight away realised that the 2 figures looked so weird,so funny and so 'cacat'! Ish3x..I myself laughed like hell..especially seeing their hubby ckp mcm sakit untut jer..hahaha..

Ok..gelak,gelak jugak but what shud I do now..dah pagi ni..tak tido, I suddenly remembered that I still have one more 'perempuan' doll that meant to be used for Doll's quickly I took away those 2 'morons' on the cake. I made the leg and the waist from fondant and put the Doll's body on top..dress her up and made the scarf.Ok selesai 1 problem..Now..what happen to the 'male' doll?

The same thing.. I made up the legs and the waist..and wait for my hubby to go n buy a male doll..luckily, he managed to get one. I asked him to chop away the legs..(mmg kejam)..n I put the remaining body on top of the fondant legs that I ve made earlier..dress up the male doll with baju cekak musang n pakai ketayap! Siap pakai spek lg Pak Aji ketayap ni mcm rupa topi baretta pun ada!Tak kesah laa..

Pheww!! Thank God at last I made it...walaupun masih nampak cacat kakinya...


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