Pinky Doll Cake

I love doing doll me,it's a fun thing to decorate the skirt n get the doll to dress's like playing the dress up game during your childhood days..besides I have 3 dotters who are so possess with princess,barbie they are the ones that were over excited watching me doing the decoration on the doll..the 'oohs' and 'aahhss' from them just motivate me!

It was my lovely Aleesa's 5th b'day..Of course I want her to have the best Doll Cake ever..n most important,it was baked by her own Mom..

It happened that her school was organizing class party n everybody was asked to bring food n wear their most fav kena sgtla dgn nak sambut b'day ni..

All her girlfriends were so excited to see the cake..kerumun habes but for the boys..they were kind of turn off..ramai yg taknak makan kek princess..hilang macho kot..well,kecik2 dah pandai kontrol macho!Anyway,I m sure Aleesa had a great time n great party..luv u so much dear!


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