Wedding Cake Class with Kak Jun.

To all bakers and cake bloggers out there..surely Kak Jun is a familiar name to us rite..Kak Jun's blog,cupcakekasih is surely one of the hottest blog among us..I ve been adoring her works so much..she's really extraordinary talented cake designer..If only I can be as good as she is..

Memang dah lama mengidam nak masuk kelas Kak Jun ni..I heard that it's quite diffilcult to get a place as ramai yg apply..I try nak masuk kelas kek Designer's handbag tp tak last dpt jugak tp utk Wedding Cake class..mmg excited sbb nak sgt berjumpa dgn kakak sorang yg kreatif teramat all my friends out there..if u get to see her works..u ll be so impress as all are so breathtaking beautiful!

Ok..back to the cake story,I attended the class with another 2 ladies..Kak Ita n Ayu..Kak Ita is actually the owner of Ita's Delight..yg buat biskut tu..kira token sifu biskut la ni..She's also an expert of kueh2 melayu like kueh talam n so on..Ayu pulak..she is a programme editor at RTM..minat nak mendalami bidang buat kek ni..She amused us with the hot gossip among our local her working environment selalu bergaul dgn artis2 ni..

Walau masing2 tak pernah kenal tp kami cepat jer kelas ni mmg exciting sbb Kak Ita n Kak Jun suka bercerita n myself n Ayu tukang gelak..we had learnt so many new things,useful tips and advice frm Kak Jun..n we had a great laugh too..Kak Ita mmg pandai bercerita dan berkongsi pengalaman hidupnya dgn kita org..
As for me..I was kind of worried because right after the class,I ll have to prepare 1 hantaran wedding cake for Zuliana the next day..I ve baked the cake but yet need to be decorated..but  seeing the cake that I ve done during this lesson was quite ok,so I decided to substitute it as the wedding cake she ordered..
At last,I know how to do stack cakes in a proper way,enhance my skill on rolling fondant and mostly,I know how to make gumpaste n do gumpaste roses!Thank you Kak Jun for the precious tips and techniques..


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